About Us

ORGANISATION | The Sweden-India Business Council is an organization comprised of of the Management, Board of Directors and Senior Executive Advisors. This constellation of knowledge is based on the need of the members and partners.

ABOUT US | The Sweden India Business Council (SIBC) is the primary knowledge council between Sweden and India. We focus on people,by increasing decision making knowledge and understanding to do better business by engaging in deeper dialogues. SIBC runs executive roundtables and workshops for startups, SMEs, large enterprises and public institutions. Since 2005 over 500 events have been successfully executed promoting business with a focus on modern India. SIBC is also the Secretariat on the Swedish side for the "India Sweden Business Leaders Forum" (CEO Forum), co-chaired by Marcus Wallenberg and overseen by both Prime Ministers. SIBC was established in May 2003 and is a membership run organization, with members ranging from large companies to SME's. 

Our members are all in different stages of establishment and business development.They are in India with manufacturing and sales, or thinking about establishing in India, selling from Sweden through distributors, which is the largest group, or have an interest of what is going on in India. They are small, medium, and large which makes the membership base very broad and diverse. 


HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT | SIBC has been very successful by giving our members a broad and multifaceted set of experiences on "why India?" since its inception in 2003. 

Over the years SIBC has amassed a huge amount of experience and relationships and the need to evolve, to reflect the experience gained and the demands of new business, became clear. Today, whether or not to go to India is not a debate anymore. To reflect and meet this, a new strategy was put in place. Today we actively run and moderate roundtables with specific topics, such as ‘setting up a manufacturing plant in India’. Each roundtable has fewer but more relevant stakeholders around the table, engaging people and sharing more experiences resulting in much deeper understanding. 


FUNDING | We are funded by members and partners mainly, and at times projects. In essence, we are our member's advisors.