Benefits and Services





Through Sweden-India Business Council, you get access to a powerful network with long experience and knowledge about India and Sweden. You will get direct access to the right people being able to share their extensive experience with you.


Active Change Maker

Through a membership you can actively impact policy making in the Sweden-India business corridor.


Working together

Sweden-India Business Council is part of Team Sweden India, and thus involved with activities, initiatives, and ongoing plans among authorizes, agencies and government. We happily work with others to achieve the goals of our members.


Understanding of the Landscape

It is always important to understand the domestic and geopolitical landscape in the country you operate in. We offer knowledge in this area and access to events to further deepen56 your understanding


Dig Deeper

We run various current affair topics for our members to form a better understanding and how they can impact strategies.



Upon arrival of VIP's from India, we are at times able to offer exclusive meetings for collective membership base.



We are effectively our member's advisors on most topics related to your Sweden-India Business. If we don't know it, we know who does.


Stay Tuned

We offer our members weekly news on all media articles written in the Sweden-India corridor. Business intelligence comes in many ways, here we gather the publicly available news for you.


Bilateral Agreements

There are plenty of bilateral engagements between Swedish and Indian authorities and agencies. We offer direct links to them for any company interested.


We offer advice and knowledge through experience. We make a difference through our board, advisors, management and members.




One-on-one Meetings

Either a phone call away to offer our advice, or a brief meeting.



Exclusive invitations to topic-based discussions in a roundtable format.



We arrange events for our members on current affairs and topics where members are chosen first among panelists.


Advisory Services

Where we dig deeper on a topic or initiative for a specific member but benefiting all.