Magnus Schöldtz

Magnus Schöldtz

Senior Executive Advisor

Magnus Schöldtz, Senior Advisor, Wallenberg Foundations AB

Magnus Schöldtz is Senior Advisor at the Wallenberg Foundations AB, and a former Ambassador at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He has served in various diplomatic functions in relation to EU and Nato and the Middle East. Ambassador Schöldtz also held positions within United Nations in Lebanon and Somalia, and the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.

He is Senior Advisor to Mr. Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor AB; Mr. Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of SEB, Saab AB, and FAM and to Mr. Peter Wallenberg Jr. the Chairman of Wallenberg Foundations AB, as well as to several companies in the Wallenberg sphere.

He is associated with the Brookings Institution International Advisory Council, and a Member of the Trilateral Commission European Executive Board. Magnus Schöldtz is a Stanford Executive Program Alumni (2015), a graduate of Lund University in Philosophy, History, Political Science, Economics and Oriental Studies, and a Reserve Officer (Captain) in the Swedish Army.