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Boson Bio Crude AB

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Boson Energy has created an innovative system that converts waste and biomass into energy in the form of hydrogen while capturing all the CO2. Compared to incineration there are no particle emissions and NOX is heavily reduced and the rest product is a non-toxic material we call IMBY-Rock. The IMBY-Rock can be converted into the high tech construction material replacing concrete and further saving on CO2. Hydrogen easily converts into electricy using fuelcells for feeding the grid or providing DC fastcharging of cars and larger vehicles like buses and trucks. With access to hydrogen and CO2 we can provide fossil-free fuels and chemicals in the form of methanol and ammoniac and even urea used in fertilizer. In 2019 Boson Energy signed an MOU with IIT Kanpur & cGanga for India Clean Ganges flagship facility which contract is expected to be executed in the near future.
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